Numodo offers representation services in the fields of broadcast design, visual effects, live-action production, animation and motion design, and represents the best-in-class digital content, digital strategy and digital production for screens big and small in mobile, web, film and television. Numodo gives executives unprecedented access to top creatives in the field of digital ideation and execution, motion graphics, broadcast design, live-action directing, and visual effects. Additionally, the companies we represent collaborate in the creation of mobile apps, broadcast animation, web video series production, VR / AR, live-action production, motion graphics and on-air promotion with networks, brands and content providers.

Currently representing:

Big Studios, NXTID.TV, ReelMacoy and Wildlife

Numodo is a proud supporter of charities that help food allergic children to live their lives to their fullest.

Numodo, Inc. (Brooklyn & Manhattan)

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