We had an awesome time last week at the conference hosted by @PromaxBDA and we hope you did, too. From parties, to seminars – running into old friends and making new ones – this year’s conference didn’t disappoint.

We’re proud of the three Numodo-repped companies who were honored for their hard work in 2017.

Check them out if you haven’t already and see you next year at @PromaxBDA!



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WILDLIFE – a digital agency producing platform solutions – has received two finalist nominations for the Shorty Awards for their Facebook live activations for Carnival Cruise Lines and NatGeo WILD.

The winners of the Shorty Awards will be announced in New York City on April 15th.

For more information on WILDLIFE, click here:

The NXTID team out of Buenos Aires, Argentina created a passionate and emotional Bundesliga Season Opener 2017-2018 that will be broadcasted to more than 2 billion people around the globe.

Carnival Cruise Lines – Bill the Mystical Sloth – FB Live Case Study from Wildlife on Vimeo.

In June, WILDLIFE, a digital production agency located in Culver City, CA, assisted Carnival Cruise Line in making Summer Solstice their day. With many people stuck in their cubicles for the official start of summer, it was our challenge to bring the sunshine and fun to them straight from Islamorada, Florida with a Facebook Live stream.

On June 21, 2017, WILDLIFE introduced Bill the Mystical Sloth to millions of viewers. Like his pal Punxsatawney Phil and his winter predictions, Bill was brought on location to predict the length of summer over the course of our 4-hour interactive broadcast.

The result? 1.4 million viewers interacting and over 7 million reached.

Click on the link to see the full case study: Carvnival Cruise Lines FB Live

Fox International ID’s

Take a peek at the new set of ID’s that NXTID, a creative production company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, produced for Fox Networks Group.

Client: FOX Networks Group


Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi
Director: Facu Labo
Music “Night Lights” ID: DanCa
SFX, Music Editing and Mixing: Mil Cables

Need something beautiful? Thinking about re-branding? Contact us at heidi at numodo (dot) com

Numodo’s summer intern, Daysi Sanchez – a rising junior at Stony Brook University – interviewed our Founder, Heidi Bayer. Read more below.

Numodo founder, Heidi Bayer speaking about VR at Promax Europe Amsterdam 2017

1. When you first began Numodo did you first pitch to companies to let you represent them or have companies always come to you?

Someone I knew was looking for a representative and called me to talk about it. In the beginning, that’s how it worked. Later, other companies came to me wondering about representation. Very few times did I ever reach out to a company and say “I want to represent you” because oftentimes I find that representation is such a specific thing that companies have to be ready to work with a representative. The one time I actively pursued a company was with, now one my clients, about 2 or 3 years ago. [Patricio] wasn’t quite ready to have a representative since he wanted to do a few things before then, but he came back this year and was ready so it worked out in the end. The other clients I have were obtained by word of mouth which is how I met the companies I now represent.

2. Nowadays, what is it that you’re looking for when companies want to be represented by you? Is there a certain aesthetic and work culture that you’re looking for?

I look to represent companies that aren’t just doing on-air promotion for television, but that are doing other things such as creating content for brands and social media platforms. In terms of work culture, I think that first impressions are what I go by and I try to do Skype interviews with non-local companies as much as I can. It’s similar to dating, you’re entering into a partnership so you want to make sure that the people you’re dealing with share your business acumen and perspective on work and processes. Aesthetically, I’m looking for a range of different companies that complement each other.

3. What got you into film and why did you pursue CalArts for your bachelors?

I have always been into photography. As a child, I learned darkroom techniques when I was 8 years old. I also enjoyed writing and I was a published poet in high school, and won some awards. I figured that film would be the amalgamation of those experiences. My thinking was that I wanted to go somewhere I could make films that would help me further express myself and cultivate my love for photography and writing. That’s why I went to CalArts for my bachelors because it was a very artsy school at the time and I could spread my wings and do some experimental work there. It was also because I loved film, I loved going to the movies and watching them, specifically, I was inspired by foreign films like Dance With A Stranger (1985).

Heidi Bayer on the set of “A Choir of Angels” Photo Credit: David Butow
LA Times Feb 23, 1989 Page 403 from

4. Do the companies you work with currently work with OTT services on shows that have taken to producing content outside of regular television?

They do and that has been very fulfilling because we were able to realize a dream I had when I started Numodo, which was witnessing the silos of television and internet coming together and creating fun, social, and digital projects. It’s a very exciting time. Broadening television marketing beyond the TV is where I always wanted Numodo repped companies to be in terms of helping marketing managers stretch and collaborate with them on how to market their films and shows on the internet. We’ve only just scratched the surface as to what can be done, and there’s so much content out there but there doesn’t exist a one-size fits all way to market content to people outside of television. The most gratifying client based work our repped companies have been working on are with OTT services, as well as creating location-based apps, producing Virtual Reality and Facebook live streaming events.

5. Do you feel that as more streaming services move in the direction of creating their own content, that the workflows have changed? How have you adapted to those changes?

The changes in the work flow don’t impact me on a daily basis because it’s the companies I represent who are doing the actual day-to-day production work. What has changed is companies – or clients – now wanting to track their return on investment (ROI). So I consult with the companies I represent on certain pricing issues, because it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to track.

6. Has there been any talk of adding another company to Numodo’s roster?

There are always companies in need of representation services. There are a number of companies that I’m talking to right now so we’ll see.

7. As someone who has hardly even scratched the surface of all things business, what are the basic questions one must ask themselves when considering to start their own company, and more commonly when planning to work with a small startup company?

Well one of the most basic questions to ask yourself are “Do I have an appetite for risk?” and “Can I work twice as hard to start my own company?” When most people start their own company, they need to work for another company because you have to make money. There are certain things that you’ll have to do to get started. As an entrepreneur, one has to assess how comfortable you are with being self motivated because you have to be driven and passionate – able to wake up in the morning, be directed and inspired by yourself, because at the end of the day, you’re the one you answer to! You will work twice as hard to get your own company off the ground, but after you do that and things start happening then it’s extremely satisfying.

As for figuring out if working in a small startup company is for you, you have to just go with your gut. If you meet someone for the first time and you just don’t get a good feeling then you shouldn’t work with them. This is especially important if it’s a small startup because imagine you’re going to be seeing these people for 8 hours a day. A small start-up company can be really great because you have so much opportunity, but at the same time it’s a lot of hard work. Because it’s a small start-up, you might find yourself doing things you don’t want to do. That’s the downside. Also, if you’re really contributing to this mythical small startup company and helping it grow – this might be a couple of years in – don’t be afraid to ask for a yearly bonus or a compensation based on how well the company is doing.

Promax Europe Amsterdam, panel Disruption Eruption (Heidi Bayer on far right)

This year’s PromaxBDA jury has nominated both WILDLIFE and 4Humans: WILDLIFE for the Promotion, Marketing and Design North America Awards 2017 and 4Humans for the 2017 PromaxBDA Global Excellence Promotion, Marketing and Design Awards. 

WILDLIFE received the nomination for the Jay Leno’s Garage VR / 360 Project. The project was created to promote Season 2 of Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBCPrime: its purpose it to simulate a car ride with the legendary comedian. When beginning, the viewer has the option of riding in either Leno’s 1915 Hispano-Suiza or 1954 Jaguar XK120 while also getting a 360 view of the room located in Leno’s extensive car collection. Once the choice of car is picked, the simulated ride begins: the viewer in the passenger seat, Leno driving and chatting away as if he’s speaking with an old friend. Throughout the ride the viewer is given the option to view the car from three different camera angles and occasionally a fun fact about the car model Leno’s driving will pop up. You can experience WILDLIFE’S project here.

For more information about WILDLIFE and their previous projects, click the hyperlink.


The International Bundesliga project has received 2 nominations for the opener and Facebook campaign, created by 4Humans. The opener was used to promote the German Soccer league’s games on television and is available for viewing below, as well on 4Humans’ website.

During Promax, 4Humans will announce that it has launched a new branding division entitled NXTID. The website contains 4Humans most recent and past projects including the Bundesliga Opener reel and Facebook Campaign photos, including the sample posted below.

Here is what the site says about the company’s goal and purpose:


All forms of branding, motion design and animated + live content are within our set of skills.

From the far South, we have the privilege of working for international brands such as BUNDESLIGA, FOX, CANAL + and ERICSSON among others. 

We thrive to create experiences that would make our grandsons proud (we don’t have any yet, but still).

Come on, take a look, and don’t be shy!

For more information about NXTID and 4Humans, click the hyperlink.


Written by: Daysi Sanchez




At this year’s PromaxBDA Awards Ceremony in NYC, WILDLIFE, located in Culver City, CA took home a silver award for their collaboration with OWN on the #SELMA50 campaign in the category of Best Art Direction and Design: Music Video or Short Subject Video.

Wildlife was proud to be a partner in the project with the excellent marketing and design executives at OWN.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the PromaxBDA awards.

For a complete list of winners, click here.







Twenty-one year old post-production company ANDERSON 3 ( has just been named Disney’s Supplier of the Year Award in Creative Production and Post Production.

Gwen Anderson, its Founder, President and CEO were in Bristol, CT at ESPN Headquarters to accept the honor on February 24th.

Of the award, Anderson says, “All the toil and sweat and caring put forth by our teams has really been noticed.  Our commitment to partnering with our clients on a daily basis and taking ownership of their projects has really paid off with this recognition. Of the hundreds of companies that Disney uses for creative and post-production we were found to be the best and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Numodo-repped Anderson 3 is a WBENC certified woman-owned and minority-run company with two offices; one in Bristol, CT and the other in Portland, OR.

The Sundance Film Festival held January 18 – 31, 2016 in Park City, Utah shows the best films of the year to film fans, executives, directors and producers. This year, collaborating closely with the Sundance TV team, WILDLIFE designed, produced and edited the content for massive LED Screens at Sundance HQ in Park City, Utah.  For the 30-foot wide screens, WILDLIFE designed unique graphic landscapes inspired by each show in the Sundance TV lineup and edited more than a dozen pods featuring current and upcoming Sundance shows branded with a cohesive animation package unifying the networks’ offerings.

WILDLIFE (, now in new offices in Los Angeles to accommodate their growing staff – is a full-service digital production company dedicated to telling the stories that drive consumers to television shows, OTT and brands. Their talented, award-winning staff of developers, designers, animators, editors and artists handles concepting, web development, UI/UX, Web GL, VR content, live-action direction, design, animation, music and editorial for ground-breaking campaigns and clients. 


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 8.05.21 PM



Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.45.05 PM



Jake Friedman, Creative Director
Scott Friedman, Creative Director
Brandon Del Nero, Executive Producer

JC Cancedda, VP Brand Strategy & Creative
Mark Williams, Senior VP Brand Creative
Randye Davis, Director Marketing Production


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